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Originally Posted by dereksutton9 View Post
Of course, this is in sharp contrast to the trainwreck of experienced people who never learned their job that formed the outgoing crew.

With Kelso being the exception, Papa and Trenholm were no better than the stammering and bumbling rookies that could be expected. From Trenholm abstaining from sharing on ice goings on from his between the glass position to Papa being unable to do play-by-play, it should be very easy for the new crew to exceed these "standards" of broadcasting.

Cullen would be quite enjoyable particularly with his connection to the current lockerroom. Plus a colour commentator who played the game would already be a plus.
That would be interesting. I don't blame Trenholm as I said his role is so small a 7 second tidbit between the benches 2-3 times a period. During a game he may get close to 1 minute of air time total. Not so sure Cullen would be that good, what makes him qualified to be a commentator? The fact he has a connection to the current lockerroom is something you should stay away from you should want an impartial person who can call it like he sees it. If he has connections he may prefer to keep his thoughts to himself. Eg. former player Tim McCarver is a horrible color commentator who drones on about meaningless stuff that has nothing to do with the game. Mateen Cleaves sometimes does Pistons games and has no idea what he's talking about. It's my experience watching sports the best color guys are the ones that never played the game at a high level.

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