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08-01-2012, 09:19 AM
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Doesn't matter if it is the new ownership or the old, if the Leafs miss the playoffs Burke is gone at the end of the year.

He knows this and he also knows the reason they missed the playoffs last year was mainly because of goaltending. The question is can he fix that goaltending? As a GM that is easily his biggest weakness. But in Luongo he has about as much of a sure thing as you can possibly get so I expect he will improve his offers to a point that they are attractive enough. Whether they are good enough to beat other offers I don't know given I don't think the Leafs have much to offer to the canucks.

On the Panthers...Tallon was NOT happy with his goaltending in the first round. It was, I believe, both Pierre LeBrun and Pierre MacGuire that mentioned coming out of that series that the Panthers felt goaltending did cost them. That is the last memory Tallon has of Theodore. He wants an upgrade to the goaltending but to do so means he has to move Theodore. In order to move Theodore, he may need Theodore to agree to a team not covered in his trade list (modified no trade clause). Tallon doesn't have the finances to bury the contract in the minors nor does he want to waive Theodore and lose him for absolutely nothing. They are also not completely sold on markstrom at this point and feel he needs significantly more seasoning to be a starter in the NHL.

Tallon is trying to build something and they took a great first step this past season. But in order to take that second step he needs to fend off what will likely be a better focused Caps team, a better Canes team and perhaps a better Lightening team. He may be happy Theodore had a nice season last year but you better believe he is very well aware of the inconsistency with Theodore throughout his career and worries about that compromising the ability to take a further step forward.

To be honest I'm not convinced the sticking point in a Panthers-Canuck deal has much to do with Bjugstad or other good prospect but more to do with Tallon needing to move Theodore so he doesn't end up with 3 NHL goaltenders in camp with one of them unhappy he's not a starter or at least a 1A/1B type of guy.

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