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Originally Posted by truck View Post
It will be interesting to see what these guys sign for.

The Kane deal will likely set the table for Wheeler. Would TNSE offer him a mirrored deal? Would Wheeler get a little less? Not sure. Will be interesting to watch.

I have no idea what kind of money Little will command. I am inclined to believe he makes less than either Ladd or Olli. Could they sign him for 4 Mill or possibly a little less? If so term might make sense, otherwise I am not sure he gets a long term deal.

Toby obviously set the ceiling for Bogo. I would also be more comfortable locking Bogo up than the other two. Six years would be fine by me. Again, wonder if Kane's deal would be offered to Bogo.
One of the more significant reasons why I think Wheeler could command more than Kane is because we would be signing Kane today, meaning for the 6 years we would have him locked up for, 4 of those years are still RFA years. Of course, that is under the current CBA, under the new CBA it may be even longer before RFA to reach UFA status.

So, for Wheeler, I think he could command a bigger pay than Kane (just by a bit) given it would be essentially a deal buying Blake's prime UFA years for pretty well the duration of the contract. Wheeler would be 31 turning 32 as this deal would expire, so I think he'll want to be paid if we lock him up long-term through that age bracket. For a player, that's his most probable guarantee of a big pay day in terms of time-frame, in my opinion. For Kane, even if he signs 6 years he would be just 26-27 as his deal expires, so he would still be in line for what would likely be a huge pay day being 26-27 and UFA. Hello, dollar signs.

For Little, I was a bit unsure. I think you're correct in that he shouldn't earn more than Ladd. Given Little scored 24 goals last season, I think he could command something in the 4-4.5 range, likely closer to the 4 million mark.

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