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04-25-2006, 12:07 AM
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Oh yet all I hear is Campell is not that kind of player?? So is he or isn't he? And its just ridiculous that we went after him because he is just weak and small.. Ok, yet he can level a guy, who is barely moving, who had pushed the puck up, he did not have control, and even the announcer said if the puck had been a few feet ahead, it would have been a different call, thats ok..

Obviously you know hockey, I am not denying that.. I am just saying that as a fan, I would rather watch the guys play great hockey, than watch any one of them get their career ended by a hit like Campell made on Umberger... I enjoy the players, I enjoy the game.. I enjoy a good check.. And yes there are going to be injuries.. I am saying there doesn't need to be a system where it's ok to pummel a guy to the point that his career could be ended and just checking a guy.. Campell could have spun around and gotten the puck, there was no one around that could have made a play for the puck.. Umberger was getting it out.. It was in the Sabres zone, right at the blue line..

I don't know, I guess I am just niave or something.. I just think hockey could be much more enjoyable without seeing these career ending hits..

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