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04-24-2006, 11:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Flyers4ever
The Real,

I don't think applauding your Sabres fans who mock a goalie during a game because he got picked as an Olympic goalie for the usa as being very mature.. Yes your team was playing great, and our team wasn't but seriously.. Chanting USA to Esche when he was playing bad? How about a little class.. So your feelings are hurt because Miller wasn't chosen.. So he had more time to rest than the other goalies? I don't think you should be complaining.. I lived In Warsaw, NY for a few years and went to Flyers/Sabres game with my Sabres fan husband, and let me tell you, there were just as many Flyers fans there as Sabres fans...

We are not down and out.. Do not count us out..
How is that any different than when Flyers' fans almost ran Belfour out of the building with "Ed-ee" chants that one time?

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