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12-03-2003, 04:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Van
NJ) Get a better building, and the fans will come.
ANH) Western Conference Champions.
CAR) Rebuilding after Stanley Cup run.
ATL) One of the better young teams in the NHL.
PIT) I agree. New ownership is desperately needed.
FLA) Keenan is gone. This team could be dangerous in a few years, and they will get support with success.

In other words, Pittsburgh is the only team in danger right now. Other than possibly moving the Penguins (move...not contract), do not touch any of the other teams.

How the hell does a better building bring fans in. They got newer buildings in Florida and Tampa and nobody goes. A new building might be the draw for a year or two tops after that it is the team and the sport that must fill the stands.

Until ticket prices go down you will never see stong fan support in most cities.

Flames were wrapping up one of their best homestands in recent years (went 4-0-1-1) so were 3-0-1-1 going into last night's game. Should have been a good crowd based on recent performance and two exciting games against Colorado and Vancouver.

Analyst John Garrett on last night's Flames broadcast may have said it best regarding today's NHL. This is not a direct quote but a paraphrasing: A six game homestand is too long. Fans will pick and choose the games they want to see because they can't afford them all.

And again as I have been preaching. The NHL is a gate driven league and will continue to be for years to come. As such, ticket prices have to come down and the only way to accomplish that is for player's salaries to fall drastically, something the players will never allow to happen.

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