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12-03-2003, 04:43 AM
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Originally Posted by MojoJojo
the majority of young Russian males do not serve in the military. For the unlucky kid who doesnt have connections or cant pay his way out, real military service means years of hazing, beating and humiliation.
Majority??? Are you kidding? Who has connections can avoid military for sure but majority? c'mon.
A lot of people study at universities and thus have 5 years delay from the army, but it is only delay. If there was a military chair at university after graduation they go to the army as army officers and serve just for 1 year.

Originally Posted by MojoJojo
means years of hazing, beating and humiliation.
There is a bad treatings in some military units (imo all depends of the general of the unit) but don't exaggerate about years of humiliation in the whole army. Standard military service time is 2 years, as I mentioned before it can be 1 year. Army is not a pleasure anywhere but to serve at the Russian army probably tougher than at western ones but I think it depends of the spoilting of a person.
Also there is a 3 years of alternative service as a civil but it is organized pretty poorly.

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