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04-24-2006, 11:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Flyers4ever

I am simply saying that you all are saying hard hitting is a point of hockey and that there are hits that aren't intention but can be career ending, and that is just a part of hockey. I am saying, that there new nhl sucks and that I don't care if its the position of the stick, player or what.. I do not agree that you can't put a stick on a guy to prevent a shot but you can level him at open ice to prevent a play... I think the hit on Umberger was just as much his fault, the passers fault, and Campells fault.. And I think the nhl needs to change a few things if they want players to last in the league.. You got young guys coming in all the time.. Do you want them to have a career or just learn by their mistakes when they are sitting in a room wondering what their names are and where they are?
What the does the new NHL have to do with Cambell's hit? There have been hits like that for years. You arguements are not really holding up. Your statements about putting a stick on someone is comparing apples and oranges. Don't take this the wrong way but its sounds like you don't really know much about hockey. Clean open ice hits have been part of the game for years.

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