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12-03-2003, 05:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Laches
I think some changes need to be made, but I also think that the alleged boringness of today's game is often highly overstated, particularly by Ranger fans who are more bitter about their own team's lack of success than anything else. If it were the Rangers, not the Devils, that just won their third cup in eight years, I doubt you'd see so many diatribes about how bad the game is today.
In my case that would be true if I didn't shake my head sometimes even after a Rangers win and wondered why the game was rather boring. Now that I have center ice I'm becoming even more concerned. Because as a Ranger/hockey fan, when I'm watching western conference teams I really have no interest in who wins. I just want to see an entertaining hockey game and I'm just not seeing as many as I used to.

Dedalus: All your suggestions are good ones and hopefully the NHL will pick a couple of them. I don't think the game needs an overhaul (I know most of us don't) but just needs to be tweeked to bring back some offense in the game. You're also absolutely right about systems and the fact that nothings new with the trap. Also what breaks the trap is speed on the forecheck after a dump in. Just by calling the interference, the trap will become less effective.

On making the goals bigger: I think the one thing that it could accomplish is by making it easier to score goals it could open up the game a bit because teams will have to abandon the trap to a degree since more outside chances will find their way into the net.

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