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Originally Posted by Roo Mad Bro View Post
Klefbom is not even close to those players that you listed. Almost all of them were on a whole different stratosphere compared to him.

Couturier >>>>>>> Klefbom AINEC.

Simmonds >>> Klefbom. Guys who score almost 30 goals at the age of 23 don't grow on trees. He's a legit top 6 winger, who is lethal around the net, especially on the powerplay. Not to mention he's one hell of a grinder, and can throw absolute haymakers when he drops the gloves.
while you do seem to be mad? Angry?

rejecting a 6'4" 18 year old dman who took on the tough minutes in his teams playoffs. who was dominate at the WJC. Is idiotic bravado.

Known for shutting down and great skating for a big Dman. klefbom gave a sample of his ability at prospect camp. shutting down yakupov who dominated everyone else.

The couturier thing! he had the best defensive Fwd season last year @19.
But go Ahead be ANGRY!

Simmonds had 11 PPG last year. he is an 15 EVG/season player who faced third line competition last year. The sad thing is he had soft start at even 58% ozone and end up at 47% he yeilded 11%. one of the worst in the league. Some poor guys(we know who that was) had to come into there defensive zone to move the puck back to wear it had started.

I have looked at the affect of zone start and less than 40% guys facing first comp get 18 EVP a season. Guys in a 60+% zone start should get 51EVP/season 33PT diffrence because of were you start.

Simmonds played largely 3rd Comp in a 58% role He played 12.5 even minutes per game in 82 games. the average for that role is 41EVP he got 33. He was below average to add onto the 11% zone loss.
Facing protected thirds is not a grinder!

I would say that is ryan jones on our team but he faces harder zone start. does not yeild zone.
jones affect on specialty teams is greater
Jones #7 PK winger in the league.
Jones better scoring rate on the PP than Simmonds but Simmonds got 3min a night on his team.

krueger runs 4 fwd system on the PP.
-Two Goal scoring fwds.
-face off center who positions in front of the net
- PP side boards forward who does a rotation at point and down low.

The 2nd best scoring PP unit in the league was Hall, Eberle, Horcoff, RNH.
I do not see Krueger breaking that unit up.

On the seconfd unit:
the center is gagner. but he assumes the side board role. Jones was given a brief chance last year at the scoring forward role and produced better than simmonds on the PP.
Yakupov will be joining the team.
the 4th role will be between hemsky and Smyth.
Smith in front of the net when hemskyis not on. and Jones in front of the net when hemsky is on.

there is no room for Simmonds on our powerplay. all the other numbers are better.

So in Summary:

the guy is advocating trading a D prospect the swedish hockey communiting is saying is a generational shutdown talent.

For a Forward who faces sheltered 3rd Comp at even under produces against the soft comp at even. Rather see a line of Hartikainen-RNH-Hemsky get that soft parade.

Is great on the PP goal scoring wise but would be the 5th option for 4 places on our PP units.

Does not PK.

Edit: Simmonds is the perfect PP fit for Philly!

do not say a 28 goals scorer is a 30 goal scorer. potential 30.
He is a forward who averages 15 EVG a season and had a best of 11PPG.
That says 26G scorer.
Once simmonds moves up into 2nd comp role he will get 1.5 more even minutes and likely bump to 19 EvG/season.
then i would say a consistent 30G scorer.

Potential 30 goal scorers are rare.
there are only 30 30G guys a year.

But for us:

that is 5 potential that could cost us 5M+ each.

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