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08-01-2012, 02:47 PM
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Originally Posted by LatvianTwist View Post

Teemu Pulkkinen
2013 2nd Round Pick


Reilly Smith

Why Dallas does this - We've got more than few great wing prospects who're all looking like they could crack the NHL line-up. Only problem I see is that we only really have one playmaker in that pool in Glennie, and most of the others are snipers. While Pulkkinen isn't a pure playmaker, he's probably better than anyone in our pool, currently. We'd have a more balanced pool in the end, but Smith is definitely a bit better and more NHL ready, so we get an extra pick to make up the difference.

Why Detroit does this - They get a young sniper with a good two-way game who could step in as early as next year in a top 6 role. He'd lessen the sting of moving a guy like Franzen in a trade (not sure what the rumors are now), but he could also use some seasoning in the AHL. They'd also unite the Smith brothers, which could only be beneficial for both.

I don't see this ever happening, just trying to gauge the value and thought it'd be neat to see the Smith's play together. Don't think we have the assets to acquire Brenden, though. That, and I'm really bored.
Not going to happen. Smith is a nice prospect but Pulks stock is beginning to go up considerably. Last year fans were somewhat cool on him. The wings brass is quite high on Pulk and after our last prospect camp it is looking like he has what it takes to make the NHL. He showed up to camp surprisingly mature and played gritty enough for NA Hockey. The age difference is 1 year between Pulk and Smith. Wings have 16 signed NHL Forwards for 2012 and 19 if you want to catch fringe AHLer prospects.

Detroit is willing to move him but you have him valued real low. I would say the difference between both players is pretty similar. (Edge Smith). A 2nd is too much. I would argue Smith is worth a mid 1st to high 2nd.

Smith for Pulk+4th tops

For reference I am considering Smith a similar prospect value wise to Nyquist another big time NCAA Scorer that is more NHL ready than Smith. The difference between Nyquist and Pulk is not a 2nd.

If you want a playmaker Tartar might be more your speed. Same age as Smith similar value to Pulk. I would be worried there is a chance he ends up as a tweener but kid has work ethic (but no greater than Pulk becoming a bust). He is better defensively, grittier, and a better passer than Pulk. That said no wings prospect is a better sniper than Pulk (save maybe FRK).

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