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I agree 100% with this, and let's settle this debate...

Originally Posted by 00xtremeninja View Post
Being from Wisconsin I can shed some light onto why WI and hockey aren't really hand in hand. And this is coming from someone from the Milwaukee area.

Anywhere south of Madison could give a crap less about the sport. There isn't much for youth hockey like there is in MN unless you venture outwards. High School hockey is pretty unheard of unless you get to Madison and outward. Green Bay is so/so but I attribute that to having the mutant part of Michigan branched on so close to them that they get Red Wing coverage.

But, back to the "dead zone". Milwaukee fans are fickle, bandwagon, jackholes. Nobody cared about the Brewers when they were brutally bad, they get good and people talk like they were on the bandwagon since the old day. Bucks are just the same. The Admirals used to have a solid following when they were in the IHL, but when that went out the window and they went AHL the support for them seemed to fall through. The Packers hold the crown in Wisconsin as the team to love and so everyone does, regardless of how good or bad they do.

The NHL would fall apart quick in Wisconsin as there would be little to no love for it. Toss in the fact that ESPN 2 and the NHL's disagreement, the Blackhawks being pulled from WGN and no broadcasts of Red Wings games being available to a big population of the state didn't and doesn't give exposure to WI sports fans. Fox sports will show Wild games on occasion, but they are blacked out a lot in the SE part of the state. My hunch is with the recent signings more games will be shown, but I don't know who gets to control that.
I agree 100% having lived here (unfortunately) for 10 years now.

I put a poll on my site asking this simple question. Does it matter to you if the Wild have Minnesota-born players on their team?

Go ahead and vote here.

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