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08-01-2012, 03:29 PM
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Originally Posted by PricePkPatch View Post
This is what makes me afraid to team him with Ninja Desharnais.

Law of Conservation of Ninjutsu. The less ninjas there are, the more dangerous they get. A ninja army is a bunch of mooks. A single ninja is an unstoppable dealer of murder, death incarnate.
There is only one puck. When one of them has it the other can ninja their way through. With your analogy i would say that one can be a decoy ninja while the other is the assassin disguised as a Geisha for the close kill.

Talented puck movers should be able to mesh together. The only knock i could see happening is that Desharnais might try too hard to pass. Sometimes the best option is a shot. If he can work on shooting the puck up close i think we could have a lethal pp.

Also I use to think it would not work with pk and markov unless they would swap sides for the one timer. Its a recipe that has worked well for us. But now i think our pp format will be focused on puck movement weak shot and crashing the net. Lets not forget.....we also have emelin in the mix for some pp time. He has a good shot as well.

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