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Originally Posted by geowild View Post
One of these days the Wild will score big with a local kid they drafted in the 3rd-7th round, because they had the opportunity to know him and his game better than everybody else. That'll be the day to be very proud of the home field advantage.

Mario Lucia might be that kid, even tho he was late second round, because the Wild moved up to get him. Or maybe it'll be John Draeger. We'll see.
The Wild scouting staff is always in rinks around town. They do good with it.

Originally Posted by Dudicles View Post
Are other markets this...desperate (not exactly the word I was looking for) for native players on their team? I don't read much local media stuff for other teams, so I really don't know.

To me it seems like a Minnesota exclusive quirk that we seem to always highlight when a Minnesotan athlete does or is competing something. Is it like this elsewhere, or is it a symptom of constantly being overlooked by larger media markets?

Personally, it kind of rubs me the wrong way, but overall, I try to take Generic_User's approach as described above.
I've always thought it's a combination of the market being big enough to support its own but isolated from others to where there is no real rival area. The nearest major city is 4/5 hours away from the Twin Cities so we focus on our own.

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