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04-25-2006, 02:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Bullseye!
I have no idea how anyone (that's male or female) who has watched hockey twice as long as I have cannot crasp such simple concepts of the game.

1. They don't call hooking because they are worried about injuries. They call it because the whole point of the game is that you are supposed to use your stick to play the puck and not the player. That's why it's a minor penalty and not a major.

2. The only intent Campbell had with that hit was to make sure Umberger would think twice the next time he has the puck in the netural zone. The injury was just an unfortunate byproduct, and injuries happens in all of sports.

3. Sports by nature carries a higher risk of injury. There have been players who have had their career ended due to freak accidents such as crashing heel first into the boards. Do you want to start taking out boards too out of fear that a player might have his career ended by one?
stole my words also would like to add that i didnt see the gauthier hit, but did see what he did to Wellwood...if it was anything close to that he should be suspended. i love gauthier as he is a rough and tough guy, but hits like that have to go...thats why we have our open ice hits (i.e Campbells hit on Umberger) those open ice hits have to stay in the game, because if it wasnt for the risk of taking in through the middle, then d-men would have nothing to fear those attempting to walk it through...if your not wanting to see a good open ice hit on a player, then go resort yourself to some basketball or golf because this is HOCKEY.

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