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04-25-2006, 02:22 AM
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Originally Posted by capn89
That was the best thing Esche did in game two, he tried to get his team fired up. But what does our wonderful brokeback captain do? Gives him a loveable bear hug and tells him to calm down. Yeah, that's a leader for you. Maybe if his slow pylon *** would hit someone and take the lead we wouldn't need our netminded trying to stir the pot.
After rushing home from work to watch this game on tape (as I do all Flyers weekday games) I agree. Esche was fired up. Maybe he did negate a power play for us but there comes a time that stepping up is more important. Esche was in there and wanted to prove something. Esche starts game three and will give his best effort to keep this team alive. All he needs is his defense to step it up and this series is 2-2 going back to Buffalo.

... I've had a few too many to drink in such a short period of time. If that made no sense, I'm sorry. But that is how I feel. Esche was right for what he did, and I'm not going to attack him for what he did. Maybe we should give Esche the 'C' for the rest of the playoffs . . . .

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