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Originally Posted by Habs4life74 View Post
Hypthetically speaking, is it my "job" to bring booze to frosh week (1st year student upcoming) or will they be supplied, because I'm kinda confused by that concept as I drink as much as the next guy around here, but isn't frosh week basically promoting kids to drink even though it's illegal to do so? Don't be too harsh on me, I'm just wondering
Certain events are open bar, while others require that you pay for drinks, but either way, don't bring booze.

The purpose of Frosh week isn't to promote drinking or make an idiot of yourself. The purpose is to get acclimated to the school and to meet as many people. You'll learn quickly that your network is your most valuable tool, whether it be classmates or professionals. Admittedly, much of this is facilitated through events that do involve drinking, but at no point in time are you obligated to drink. We strongly discouraged hazing, so we really just look to put together a fun-filled week where no one feels uncomfortable.

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