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Originally Posted by Drummer View Post
Correct - but some teams will still provide a scholarship despite the athlete receiving funds from the CHL as an extra incentive (it's not 'double-dipping', because the funds come from two different groups, but it represent an addition $4-$5K and a seriously big offer in comparison to schools who don't do this.

Also - nothing says a school/ program has to offer full tuition, that represents the max they can offer - they can offer any fraction of tuition. This allows them to spread there AFA's across more athletes.
I think this is accurate although I also believe that there is a limit to the number of full scholarships a school can offer to players on its hockey team. I am not sure of the number but I seem to remember it being in the 12-14 person range. I also believe that this represents "full" scholarships and that a team can offer 12-14 full scholarships and the remainder of the players "partial" scholarships. I am curious what percentage of full constitutes "partial."

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