Thread: Confirmed Signing with Link: Sabres re-sign Patrick Kaleta (3 years, $1.25M per)
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08-01-2012, 04:20 PM
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Originally Posted by AlexanderMogilny89 View Post
Thank you. That was the dirtiest play in hockey last year. Well Chara on Max Pacioretty was pretty close. This year will be fun watching J. Scott beat up the bruins whole team though. Not one player on that team can win against J. Scott. Bring it bruins. This is going to be a fun year.
Dirtiest play all year? Please, stop being a homer, its embarrassing. Also, the MaxPac hit was the year before, so great research.

And I hope to god John Scott plays, instead of someone that can actually play hockey. You really think anyone will ever fight that goon? He cant even SKATE. MAYBE Thornton will fight him, and who cares if he does, itll be a matching five and we can get on with the game.

If John Scott is in the lineup against one of the better teams in the East then Lindy Ruff isnt doing his job, which is to ice the best possible team against the Bruins. People forget how close the Habs were to beating us, and they were incredibly small and shifty...not a good recipe for the Bruins.

By playing Scott, he is playing RIGHT into the Bruins hands, and believe me, not many teams (if any) can stand up to their physicality, and its dumb to even try when there is a clear example of what kind of team we're weak against. So yes, to use a phrase i havent used since 4th grade ..."bring it on Sabres."

PS, great signing by the Sabres. Incredible cap hit for a player who plays his role to a T (which is clearly evidenced by my fellow Bruins fans getting all worked up). I guess hes also been developing into a pretty good Defensive forward by what im reading here, so again, great signing. Every team needs a Marchand/Kaleta.

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