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For goalies:
1-Tristan Meadows
2-Derek Goguen
3-Julien Galloway
4-Guillaume Brideau

Tristan Meadows is in my opinion the best in nb. Bad numbers, but not a good defensive team infront of him. Played U14 and should have made U15, allowed the least amount of goals at the camp. Derek Goguen second, although he is small he plays big and very quick. Galloway lacks technique but is very big and pretty quick. Brideau is very underrated, he's very quick and good rebound control

For forwards I'm not even going to bother.[/QUOTE]

I've been watching this thread for awhile now and it amazed me how people come up with their rankings. Let's set aside goals for a second and look at some of these players individually. AJ (Alex Jacob) is an amazingly gifted hockey player and has more natural talent then most kids; but he's fragile. He's small and doesn't like to be hit. Currently he is having his shoulder operated on and he is plagued by knee problems. Belec is a train on the ice and if he learned to pass a little more he would be a deadly hockey player. His strength though is in the locker room because he leads by example and the guys love him. For anyone to put meadows over Galloway or Goguen is just crazy. Meadows will be a good high school goalie at best. He and Galloway were on the same Vred team for years and meadows sat while Galloway shined. The Vreds cut meadows and brought in Chris smith, a big goalie from nfld and he too sat on the bench was Galloway unreal good. I don't know what technique you're talking about but stopping pucks is all that is required and he stops a lot of pucks. Galloway won top goalie in NB on a winning team (landry is a great money goalie too, but playing with Galloway it's easy to get overlooked) and won top goalie in Atlantic Canada on a losing team. Galloway and Goguen are the two money goalies in NB and Goguen has a bad reputation in the dressing room for blaming goals on dmen. Rumor has it that Goguen is going to prep school in the fall. This will probably make him a better goalie than galloway once and for all if he gets the kind of attention prep schools are famous for. Zach Adams has a set of wheels like no one else in the business, but has a hard time controlling the puck at that speed. Thompson is an all around nice kid with a HUGE work ethic. He will do well in the draft and have a great jr. Career barring injury. Deschene needs to stop believing his own press and just play hockey. Domokos will be the one to watch this year as will Elijah Francis. Francis could end up being a better dman than duschene because he works harder and appreciates what he gets more. Another player to watch is jake Vance. Norte dame switched him to forward and he is a power house going to the net. He talks a lot of smack that irritates opponents but the dressing room loves him and he doesn't shy away from big hits that really pump a team up. Expect Liam Conrad to disappear this year now that the Moncton hawks nucleus will be broken up. It's easy to look good when a player as talented as AJ is feeding you the puck. Landry and foulem need to be added to this list of goalies because they are amazing in their own right. Either goalie is good enough to be a number one guy but had the misfortune of being on teams with better tenders. Foulem has been working hard all summer and should be a real contender for a midget AAA spot this coming fall.

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