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08-01-2012, 05:01 PM
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There is big questions about what will happen with the CBA. It's possible that UFA age is lowered to the point where they all would be UFA's after next season. I am betting NHLPA will be trying to lower UFA down to 5 years. And I think that this is possibly where the NHL will give ground again, especially since players are signing crazy 2nd/3rd contracts anyways, they are not really giving anything away from their perspective, but it would be a HUGE coup for the PA.

The question is, with probably a lower cap and rollback coming (which would effect the new contract), maybe the lowered UFA age, and for Bogosian and Wheeler at least a feeling that they can REALLY build on last season, would they even want to negotiate right now? After next season Little is only 1 year away from UFA, Bogo and Wheels are only 2, under the current CBA (yes, Bogosian is UFA at 25, thanks to playing at 18). I just don't see them locking in long-term with the new CBA, even if the Jets try to get them in.

But your proposals aren't that far off. And yes, like some have said that is alot of money, with the Kane raise and everything, it will start to put WPG up there in terms of salary. I hope that starts to show people how fast our window is going to close here. WPG needs a sense of urgency this season (whenever it does start). Honestly, it would not surprise me one bit if all 3 are UFA eligible next off-season after the new CBA is signed .

Now, if I am GM I kick the tires on all 3. If you can get Bogosian to a good/average/slight overpayment deal, you do it. I think 5 million a season is still a little high, but it would definitely be a "potential" deal,(I hate potential deals) but could live with in this case, although I try to stretch it to 7/8 years. He is key to the defense going forward. See what Wheeler wants, if he will sign a good deal, you do it. I like your deal Guerzy, but wouldn't go above it, IMO. Unless I can get Little to sign a great deal, I'll let the uncertainty of the CBA work itself out first. I'd pass on your deal, start talking 3-4 million range for Little, over 3-5 years.

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