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Originally Posted by sketch22 View Post
- Kesler is hurt and their center depth without him is awful
- Have issues generating secondary scoring

- God awful goaltending
- God awful defense
- Lacking elite wingers to pair with Crosby and Malkin

- Goaltending is an issue and massively overpaid
- No number 1 d-man
- Questionable depth on defense due to injuries and age

Every single one of them has issues just like the Hawks. The Hawks aren't the only team that would like to upgrade at 2-3 positions, but the opportunity isn't always there.
Vancouver will be fine... they had the best record in the NHL last season, let's not act as if the Hawks are comparable with that team. And I hate the 'Nucks, and would love to trash them. But they are in a better position than Chicago to contend. Kesler isn't going to be out forever. When he's back, their offense is on par with Chicago's (1 difference in GF last season), their defensive group works better as a unit, their team as a whole has far better defensive structure, and their goaltending is a lot better.

Lol, Pittsburgh does not have awful goaltending. Everyone loves to hate on Fleury and yet he remains in the top half of NHL netminders... easily. Crawford - who I have supported as long as I can remember - is almost dead last.
Penguins scored a hell of a lot more goals than the Hawks last year, and let in 17 less as well. Their D had some problems vs. Philly, and yet it's still better than Chicago's. Their offense scored 34 more goals. I think they're going to manage to be okay.
Lack of elite wingers? Hahaha. You don't need a Marian Hossa to play with Crosby, a Zach Parise to play with Malkin. Give me a break - these are two generational talents far better than anyone on the Hawks. James Neal is no slouch himself. They have capable top-6 wingers. Not stars (except for Neal), but players who have the skill and means to play there. There aren't roster holes for Pittsburgh in the top-6 at all...

As for Philly, Bryzgalov is a good deal better than Crawford. Kimmo Timonen is a solid if unspectacular #1 guy. And their defensive group is fine... Timonen, Coburn, Meszaros, Schenn, Grossman, Gervais, Lilja, Gustafsson. I wouldn't say they're top in the NHL in defensive depth, but they're far from in a bad position, either. If one of their big guys goes down, then yeah, they're in trouble. But that's true for every team in the NHL. If Keith goes out for an extended period, the Hawks are screwed too. Same with Weber in Nashville. Chara in Boston. Pietrangelo in St. Louis. Etc.

You are really stretching it pretty far with some of these "roster holes" you've listed... that, or you're just making them up completely (Pittsburgh's wingers... really?).

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