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Originally Posted by CCF23 View Post
My die-hard, season ticket holding Blues fan friend had the following to say when I asked "does Arnott have ANYTHING left in the tank?"

"Not really. He had a good start last season, but as the year went on he was less and less visible. If yer team just needed him to fill in until Kesler's healthy, then healthy scratch him or have him periodically fill in when other centers are tired/injured/struggling it may work out, though."
This is really the only possible situation in which i'd be happy with an Arnott signing at this point.

As things stand now, Arnott may look like one of the better options we have to complement Schroeder as the 2/3Cs to start the season with Kesler on the shelf. Once Kesler is back, you could move Arnott into a limited role where he fills in as needed, moving in/out of the lineup and keeping him fresh.

BUT...that's only if it's discussed with Arnott prior to his signing, and he expresses interest in that sort of role. Anybody remember the Mathieu Schneider shenanigans? This smells a lot like that to me and has the potential to go sideways.

I'm still expecting that Gillis finds a way to bring in a very good #3C who can platoon with Schroeder as the #2C to start the season in Kesler's absence. And i would venture that a Luongo deal is probably the best place to start on that bringing one in directly in return, or in fetching some new assets who can be swapped for that #2/3 tweener C elsewhere.

So basically...i wouldn't be happy with just an Arnott signing, but if that's the way it'd better be in that very limited sort of role.

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