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08-01-2012, 06:22 PM
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Originally Posted by jrgtml67 View Post
Reimer when he can back got flip flopped by game in, next game Monster and vice versa, you cannot tell me a goalie can get in a groove that way....and it was Monster who let in the soft from the blue line. I never said Vancouver was desperate...but I am saying Gillis is an (insert choice word here) for keeping his price so high and going into a year with a guy under large money and contract that is going to sit on the bench, instead of lowering it enough to get decent compensation. To expect the return he wants for Luongo is crazy esp in a year that the CBA is being negotiated...wait till next year when you guys are way too close or over the cap with the new CBA and you have to let Luongo walk for way way less then Gillis is asking, then you'll see ! Minny is in the same boat after signing to UFA's to too much term and money to basically beat the cap system... when new CBA stipulates max contract length is at say 7yrs or even 8yrs that means the cap per year will go up. In Minny's case the cap with double 2x with Parise and Suter. Wait in see Burkes genius in waiting. He will pounce on the foolish GMS who tried to beat the cap, and be able to aquire top talent for cheap, since teams will have to offload to get under the cap.

I disagree with the bolded. I think that you will find that the players will not let the cap be significantly affected. I see Burke as likely to have bad goaltending again this year if that is his strategy. I'd be surprised if he is thinking of keeping the status qup in net but then again I was surprised that he went with two untested goalies last year.
As for Vancouver, we are fien with the cap both now and going forward as a result of Gillis making some very good signings. I don't see that changing at all.

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