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Originally Posted by Kate08 View Post
The Abraham article is interesting in terms of trying to put Beckett and his contract into "perspective". The issue I have with it is the guys he's comparing Beckett to salary-wise (Verlander, Sabbathia, Hernandez, Weaver) haven't been plagued with injury. Beckett is a walking ****ing injury, and he's paid that salary to pitch and keep himeself in pitching shape
Three of them are also at least one tier above Beckett, the fourth is much younger.

PeteAbe has a point, but like Morris said, this is a guy who has been antagonizing the fan base for over a year. If he's not going to be polite and diplomatic in his dealings with the fans, why do the fans have to take the high road?

I've never seen anything quite like this outside of the Red Sox, and I lived in the NY/Philly sports market for 6 years.

Donovan McNabb? No, was the soul of the city to the end.

Tiki Barber? Close but the NFL doesn't count (no guaranteed contracts).

Marty Lapointe/Manny Fernandez? Weren't ***** to the fans.

It's like Manny Ramirez never left.

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