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Originally Posted by InfinityIggy View Post
Thats for your worthwhile input. Very insightful.
I honestly thought you were joking, so I didn't want to get into it.

While Nyquist has good potential, you never, ever, ever, trade players like glencross. You have a guy who took a hometown discount, plays pk, stands up for teammates, rocks bodies and is all around a heart and soul guy.

These guys are not very easy to find. Ott, Clutter, Glencross and somewhat Lucic. You don't touch these.

The trade is is then, based on your trade. Glencross for a kid who has some ahl spark so far. If you trade the like of Curtis, you make it a big return. There are only 5 NHL players in Calgary worth a massive return. If the likes of Ott can score you a top two center, you'd want the same for glencross.

Also the fact you're just saying that he could put up more points potentially than glencross tells me nothing positive about your suggestion.

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