Thread: Speculation: Which Player Will Regress The Most
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08-01-2012, 07:17 PM
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I'm going to semi-cheat and take out some of the luck with playing time and PP time. This will all be in regards to 5v5pts/60...

Kane: similar if on 1st, improved if on 2nd for full year
Ladd: similar regardless
Ponikarovsy: guy drives possesion up like crazy, and he had a rough start last year, I'm going to guess better
X: Mittens, Maxwell, Cormier, Machecek will all do better in the boxcar stats (if they get FT gigs) but the M's will regress to human pts/60

Jokinen: tough call, most likely taking the tough mins again and a lot of his points come from the PP (both goals and assists). Without Iggy I'm going to say a tad less.
Little: The guy is a golden sniper... who doesn't shoot. If the kid finally shoots more than 158-172 shots a year than 30 goals... if not look for similar...
Burmistrov: G/TOI improved by 70%ish, pts/TOI improved by 10%ish... if the kid can repeat you're looking at him being equal to Little last year... specially if he gets top6 mins with Kane or Ladd on the wing.
Slater: another tough call... depends on shift partners... could be up or down but not by much

Wheeler: he's the opposite of Wellwood; believe it or not puck luck hurt this kid: huge goal drought, worse sh% of his career... I say he'll be better
Wellwood: as said above most likely worse and most likely on the third line by Jan-Feb... but I still think he'll be dece for $ worth
Antropov: last season was the worst other than his last ATL season. I expect worse than last season but better than the ATL one
Thorburn: Don't know, don't care... not what he's here for

Enstrom: if no injuries: return of the 1.32pts/60 god. if injured again: just a top 20 dman at 0.99 pts/60
Hainsey: if he goes on 3rd with sheltered mins with Clitsome/Postma then some improvement... if he's on 2nd playing shutdown then some regression
Stuart: see Thorburn... duno duncare
Clitsome: random fact I learned today when looking up to see how Enstrom was 4th in pts/gm over last 3 years... Clitsome is 37th... now he didn't have quite the sample size Enstrom does so I doubt he'll be top 40 in league but I think with Huddy's help we may have scored with him

Byfuglien: he seams to range from 1.0 to 1.5 sporadically... even as a forward (further proof he isn't offensively better as a forward). If not injured I can see him being better but who knows.
Bogosian: better and even more awesome
Postma: not hard to improve from 0....

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