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Originally Posted by Kershaw View Post
Well obviously. But if Florida fans are insisting that Tallon wouldn't trade their top prospects, especially for a rebuilding team, they likely wouldn't, especially when they need top 6 help moreso than a starting goalie.

It absolutely does give Florida the advantage, especially since Luongo apparently wants to live near his wife if he's traded. All Tallon has to do it sit back and wait, because I doubt Luongo will expand his list for anything other than Florida. Like most Canucks fans have said, they can run a 1B tandem between the two starters, but the longer you hold onto him, the lesser his value becomes the following offseason. (34 yr old goalie with 8yrs left)
So you think that Tallon will take the advice of a few Panther fans, and use this info to run his business? lol. If Tallon didn't think Luongo was an upgrade on his current goalies, he would never have entered negotiations. Florida is a budget conscious team, Luongo comes with a $40+million contract. You can do the math. The real question is, at what point is the asking price to high for Tallon. At what point is the opportunity cost to high for his organization.

So you think Luongos alleged list is just 1 team? Lol. Gillis has already stated there is no list. Maybe you're right, maybe you have insight the GM doesn't. But if Luongo only has 1 team on his alleged 'list', then it's safe to say he wants to be in Vancouver next year as a back up. It's a scenario I would prefer, and I think Gillis would as well given his comments this offseason. Lack needs another yr in the AHL and will be in Canucks net in 2013-14. At that point, I think it's more likely Canucks move a goalie to make room for him. Until then, they're there's no need to move Luongo or Schneider.

Also, how does holding onto Luongo next yr decrease his value?

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