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Habs and Rugby
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Originally Posted by Habs4life74 View Post
Thanks, thats helpful. Well I saw a sort of itinerary on the site, but none of the events really seemed to involve drinking, was i just reading it wrong or is it supposed to say their is drinking. Just kinda confused by everything lol.
Originally Posted by Habs4life74 View Post
So anyone want to continue informing me about frosh week? I'm quite interested. Past experiences/highs and lows would be appreciated
Every school has a different Frosh so it's hard to give exact perspective. I'm a Frosh Leader this year at Bishop's University, so I can at least try to help.

At Bishop's, our Frosh is all one event, whereas other schools do their Frosh by major. I happen to think that's stupid, because in my group of friends I have psych, pre-med, health sciences, business, sociology, education etc. etc. Splitting by department just segregates students from potential friends for no reason, but some schools don't have the luxury of being such a small school. At Bishop's all the froshies go to Frosh-sign-up day, where they pick a "team"... Frosh leaders will try to convince you to join their frosh groups. Each frosh team has a "frosh house" that they party at before events. As a Frosh Leaders, the 5 of us are supplying alcohol for our entire group, I didn't spend a cent all week last year as a froshie. However, this varies from school to school, some friends from back home told me they had to pay for everything. So I can't help you there.

Frosh week is (obviously) affiliated with the school, so they won't expressly say that there's drinking involved, but it's assumed that drinking will take place beforehand and afterwards. Example would be after dinner you show up at your frosh house, start drinking, playing games, dancing, getting to know people. Then it's to your Frosh concert, scavenger hunt, whatever event it may be. Then there should be an after party somewhere nearby. For me, I had rugby training camp the week before and we drank a lot at night then too, so those two weeks combined were a bit of a blur.

Bishop's is unique in that Frosh is a giant competition. You perform tasks like taking a shot of egg, whiskey and tobasco, doing a naked mile, winning a game of flip-cup, and more (a lot more, and a lot crazier). You get gold, silver and bronze coins and the team that wins gets a massive party thrown for them later in the year. There's also Frosh Queen, Frosh King (for which I was a finalist, still bitter haha) and other awards to be won at closing ceremonies.

Frosh is a great way to meet new friends, and take the anxiety away from starting university through a shared wild experience. But it's important to remember, that while you'll see some wild things, and see a lot of very very very drunk people, you're under no obligation to do anything you're not comfortable with. Some people think doing the craziest tasks is the best way to make friends, which is just untrue. Have fun and rest will figure itself out.

This is one of my best friends chugging a bottle of maple syrup during our Frosh Week:

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