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08-01-2012, 10:54 PM
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Originally Posted by 4thLinePlug View Post
going to ottawa later this year, im staying with a friend so i'll probably just eat there as well.

ive already planned a trip to parliment hill, any other cant miss places?

Also in downtown ottawa what are there for stores, may want to get a bit of christmas shopping done while there. Mainly looking for stuff like souvineir stores and hockey stores.

By hockey stores i mean like attire and stuff not hockey equipment.

And would the store in scotiabank place be open midday?
Sens Store is 10am-5pm from Monday to Saturday, 12pm-5pm on Sunday.

I always just like walking in the marketplace in Ottawa, but there is still lots of stuff to do downtown. I've heard some positive reviews about the Mint. I know this may not fancy you and you may not have enough time, but I could spend forever in the War Museum which isn't too far away. If you're in the winter, obviously the canal, but other than that I find Ottawa a great place to just roam.

As for Hockey stores, I'm not from downtown but there would have to be something. Also, if you find yourself in Kanata Centrum (right near Scotiabank Place), there is a ProHockeyLife, which has a combination of attire (all 30 teams) and equipment.

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