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08-02-2012, 02:11 AM
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The thing of the greatest magnitude holding this team back from being an extremely successful, consistent, and back-to-form hockey club is stubbornness. The way this team is run through management and coaching and the effort of the players hitting the ice has got to change. The same system, lenience, and overall attitude surrounding the Chicago Blackhawks organization needs to do a 180-degree turn. I am sure I sound spoiled. I am complaining about a 100+-point team. However, it is very frustrating to see a change in philosophy, not necessarily the firing of any staff behind the bench or in the press box, being the only thing holding this team back. Hesitancy to go out and have more than a couple moves to hit or miss on is something that Stan Bowman does that I don't dislike. He had a love for three players this summer. They were Brodeur and Parise and sitll is going after Doan. Brodeur getting a one-year deal (?) offered to him is fine with me. Offering Parise the same amount of money but less years was fine by me. Adding Doan to this top-six is fine with me. However, you have to have a plan "B". This FA period wasn't the most exciting in the world, however, there were a few serviceable players available that would have been a solid backup plan after we missed out on Parise that could fill roles better than we currently have now. And no, I am not talking about the soft Euro or lack of effort kind of stuff being tossed out on the ice. The team also does not hit anyone. Why were the 2010 Blackhawks such a good team? They could do it all. They had plenty of skill, they had grit, and they had toughness. You see some gritty, agitating players like Shaw and Hayes who are still developing and should not be being relied upon as heavy as they may be in the coming year. Who on this team hits? Seabrook is our most physical defenseman, and Shaw is the only guy consistently who will go body-to-body with someone over the course of the game. This team needs to get back to being intimidating, more gritty, and getting some of the swagger back. The tough depth of that awesome 2010 team made us awesome. Guys like Burish, Fraser, Madden, etc. were guys who could chip in, play their roles well, and give us around ten minutes of solid hockey a night. This team has some skill. The skill is extremely top-heavy, however, there is some certainly still here and some more in the development stages. This team is too soft, not being forced the way they change their play that has gotten them knocked out of the WCQF for the last couple years, and not capitalizing. Not only are they not being opportunistic on the power play, but they are not capitalizing on winning and going and making another run with a team that has skill, the ability to be intimidating, some young, solid players who can bring the swagger back to the guys in red, white, and black, and a chance to use some of their prospects to fill a couple holes to go out in a now weaker division, get a top-three seed, and go on a deep run into the playoffs with home-ice advantage and try to bring that fifth Stanley Cup home to the beautiful city of Chicago, Illinois. We are not advantageous enough at this juncture. We need to make a couple moves and tweak our philosophy. We are close to having the right players to do it. We need management to add a couple solid pieces and for Quenneville and his two buddies to make a philosophy change that gets these guys intimidating, gutsy, agitating, chances to display their skill, capitalize, consistently be more successful, be more productive, and be a far more opportunistic team than has been displayed from the last two bottom-three seed teams that faltered in the playoffs and didn't do the job. The same thing just doesn't ****ing work. They almost have the right players and just need a tweak and philosophy. I know it isn't what he's all about, but Wirtz needs to put pressure on Bowman and the coaching staff he has running the show be forced to tweak their philosophy. Be advantageous and less hesitant. Don't be afraid to make a move to change your roster as a general manager. Don't be afraid to make a move to chance your philosophy being taught to the players as their head coach.

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