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08-02-2012, 08:23 AM
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That's what I think as well, the whole granlund thing among Finnish posters has gone way over the top.

I've watched him play many times now and while I agree he's a good player with a bright future I don't see anything over the top special about him at all. He'll be a good pro, maybe even a very good one but the way he's being talked about makes you think he's a lock for Art Ross and Hart trophies and I just don't see that in his future at all. Nothing in his game screams 'elite nhl player" at all, and by elite I mean Crosby, Malkin Ovechkin,Stamkos elite.Unless of course one gimmick goal in a big game(a gimmick play that every pro can pull off may I add) screams out "superstar to some fans.

I think the reason his game is being overrated by a lot of Finnish fans is that they had gone through such a long lull in talented offensive players who have the potential to become legitimate stars at the highest level that's it's caused them to over valuate the first guy that came along that does have the potential to be a high end world class offensive player.

But There is nothing so special in Granlunds game that make it a near impossibility that a guy such as Barkov or some other up and comers in Finlands system wouldn't be able to be his equal or better in the coming years.

Granlunds gonna be a darn good player and an important player on Finnish National teams for years but "special"......................I don't see it.

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