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08-02-2012, 08:50 AM
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Originally Posted by HandshakeLine View Post
Well, it's certainly not risk free. $7 million would eat up almost all of our available cap space, severely hampering our ability to change mid-season if things aren't working out.

I was a fan of signing Semin, but not at $7 million, even for one year. There's just too many scenarios where we'll need to explore other options (e.g. the cap contracting and having better options available, injuries to the blueline or goalie necessitating a trade, better long-term solutions becoming available due to negotiations breaking down,, etc...) where that $7 million is just as much of a straight jacket as not.

This is not to say I advocate making risk-free moves-- hardly. I just think that, for the amount of money Semin signed for, we'd be taking on more risk than reward.

I mean, look at the Subban situation-- if we signed Semin, we'd be unable to (hypothetically) offer-sheet him, or sign him if the Habs can't come to terms and want to trade. I'd much rather have Subban on the Pens than Semin, no question.

So, you don't even have to look very far or very hypothetically to find situations where Semin's contract would hamper us in very concrete terms.

edit: Also, given the amount of other high-profile teams with large amounts of cap space, I think it's not unlikely that some teams are preparing for the worst in that regard.
Missing out on a the ability to offer sheet Subban is an absurd reason not to sign Semin. I know you were just pointing out possibilities, but that in itself was and is less likely than us signing Semin. The chances of Shero offer sheeting anyone is slim, but a guy with a history of attitude/team issues is just about the last player he would ever offer sheet.

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