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12-03-2003, 07:37 AM
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all i want to say is that it can be taught dawgbone, when you train someone to do one thing over and over again and then put him on the line after good coaching then they will not make as many mistakes, half the great players were only good its their development coaches that made them great together with the drive to suceed.

i agree in with Dr Nostrin in that breaks can win and lose you the game and tend to even themselves out over the season so really we can't use that as an argument to the REAL problems in this team.

i also agree with comrie in that there are too many coaches correct, Moores was doing a bad job last year with special teams but at least they didnt suck like they are now. And if it is indeed Simpson in charge of special teams then salostyle won't he make the team worse when he becomes a assistant coach ? the saying i think goes too many chiefs and no indians. Reason I say this is that there seemed to be a dispute in the leadership camp over captaincy last year if thats been resolved or not is also questionable over if the team is divided or not in the dressing room and on the coache's bench.

despite too many coaches, MacT's teams have always been excellent 5on5 and that's great encouragement and this is a major plus side for MacT, however the pp, pk and line shuffling is not and i agree with salostyle on that.

HOZ its fine teaching students BUT this is true but what happens if the student is the unteachable type, or the one that is just too dumb to learn? they do exist you can't deny it since one coach can never teach everyone they will always have a faulty student.

so really i would say that the coaching job has the important aspects, teach skill, motivate players, teach strategy, create harmony/unity in the team, have hockey knowledge. for me i agree with salostyle in his one comment that sums up for me MacT :

Originally Posted by salostyle
MacT knows the game but struggles to get the finer points across to some of his payers...the important ones.
As for the personal attacks/rants/etc to be honest its fun to read and makes me laugh a little with the comments but lets quit the slander please this isn't how this board got its repuation.

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