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08-02-2012, 09:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Ogrezilla View Post
I think that's the point. There is still risk even if it's lowered quite a bit by being a one year deal. As far as examples, it would delay any potential trades Shero is working on that bring back more than 2M in salary for several months. I don't know how big of a deal that is, but its something. Not all trades happen in July and March.

Again, I would have been happy to sign Semin for a year even at 7M. But there are definitely legitimate reasons why Shero might not have wanted to.
Then you have to take into consideration that Semin is likely to eliminate a need for a potential trade.

Originally Posted by Von Malkin View Post
I don't buy the argument that shero hasnt signed anyone because he is waiting on the new cba. Do you really think the NHL is going to lower the cap by that much? And teams won't get a grace period to get below the new cap? Do you really think teams are going to have forced fire sales? Come on.
It's certainly a possibility.

Originally Posted by Von Malkin View Post
You are just giving shero an easy out. If he was so concerned about the new cba, why did he even pursue Parise and Doan in the first place?
A reasonable price for Doan would still leave them at least $3m under the cap. And Parise and Suter are such quality pieces, that the risk of CBA uncertainty or the cost of moving other players for cap purposes, became worth it.

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