Thread: Confirmed Signing with Link: Sabres re-sign Patrick Kaleta (3 years, $1.25M per)
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08-02-2012, 11:10 AM
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Originally Posted by struckbyaparkedcar View Post
Because Julien sends Thornton out against Vanek enough, and Shawny generally spends his time against Buffalo taking liberties. The only guy he should ever actually have fought on the Sabres roster over the past few years is McCormick (and even that is a strong mismatch in Thornton's favor), but he's got scraps against Gaustad, Weber, Montador, Regehr, Rivet, etc under his belt. Guys he knows he can beat, and who he usually either instigates with (Goose/Weber/Regehr) or goads into fighting through picking on a smaller, skilled player in front of them.

He's not going to be doing that this season, at least without setting a playdate with Johnny first. And that frees up Regehr/McCormick/Foligno/etc to fight within their weight classes when the time comes.
Are you saying Shawn Thornton is a spot picker and fights under his weight class? Huh? I suggest you look at his fight card, he'll fight anyone. Hes also a very classy player who gets grief all the time for fighting "by the code." If you guys had someone to fight, he would.

You guys think Scott will magically make your team tough? He wont play enough to have a major impact! Players like Ott (great addition by you guys) and Kaleta will, players who hustle and forecheck hard and have sandpaper to their game. Players like Chris Neil, Lucic...Players that can, ya know, play.

Just because Scott is playing 4 minutes a night doesnt mean everyone will be scared of you. I guarantee you Thornton and Scott will cancel each other out more often than not, and Scott will be riding pine not having a major effect on the game. Scott will do barely anything against the Bruins.

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