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Originally Posted by mccaber16 View Post
I'm not entirely sure on the advancement but from what I have read so far the commissioner can choose the advancement period anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks. This refers to the real NHL schedule. So if I chose 2 weeks, the first advancement period would be the first two weeks of the NHL schedule (October 11 - October 24) and you could play any of these games in any order as fast as you want.

It seems as though the length of these time periods are going to be informal meaning that it will be up to the commissioner to end each advancement period and proceed to the next. I think this is something we can all discuss what would be best for this.

So assuming we use the 2 week periods there are the following time periods in the regular season:

Time Period Days
Preseason 2
October 11 - October 24 2
October 25 - November 7 2
November 8 - November 20 2
November 21 -December 4 2
December 5 - December 18 2
December 19 - January 1 2
January 2 - January 15 2
January 16 - January 29 2
January 30 - February 12 2
February 13 - February 26 2
February 27 - March 12 (trade deadline) 4
March 13 - March 26 2
March 27 - April 9 2
April 10 - April 13th (shortened) 1
Playoffs Rd. 1 2
Playoffs Rd. 2 2
Playoffs Rd. 3 2
Playoffs Rd. 4 2
Total Season Days 39

So if we did something like this it would take 39 days from the first game of the season to the the end of the playoffs. It seems a little too long in my opinion considering that the offseason should just as long if not longer and I'm not sure how that will play out with the draft and free agent signings. I would like to progress through seasons fast to really get the feel of developing players and making good long term decisions with your team.

We could go down to 1 day advancement periods during the regular season which would cut the reg season down to around 20 days and assuming the offseason will take around 20 days as well we're looking at a 40 day complete season.

We will still have to wait and see once we get more details though. I welcome all discussions on this.
That sounds great as the GM of Columbus I would love to get through as many seasons as possible lol

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