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04-25-2006, 11:18 AM
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Originally Posted by Flyers4ever
To me, the nhl needs to think about what it is doing.. Do you want to people to watch or not? Because people aren't going to watch if players are getting taken out of games due to concussions and injuries like that.. It just amazes me that putting your stick on someone is a penalty and causing injuring, that could be career ending isn't.. Haven't we learned anything? It's not worth it. We want to see our players play a good game of hockey.. Not risk their lives everytime they are on the ice..
Wow, are you listening to what you are saying ??

You want clean hits that could potentially cause an injury to be made illegal ?
How subjective would the calls be on these hits... ?

Hockey is a rough game and inevitably people get hurt. I play hockey that is non checking and people still get hurt, it's what happens when people skate around as hard as they can, especially if they are not looking up. Sure Umberger received a pass that placed him in that position, but that is not Campbell's fault. I can hear Don Cherry now... "you kid's out there, keep your head up at all times, especially when cruising through center ice... " Either Umberger keeps his head up and flubs receiving the pass, no big deal, icing at worst or the person who sent him that pass looks up and sees Campbell coming towards Umberger and says hey, maybe I shouldn't send him this pass. I got a nice view that was pretty close to the passer's point of view, he probably saw Campbell, tough to say and well the game is fast so you don't catch everything... What I am saying though is that when you look down while puckhandling you're asking to get hit. Even in nonchecking hockey, if you're skating with your head down how the heck do you know what you're skating into...

So, should checking be removed entirely, because intent to injure and what kind of hits could cause injury are subjective. People would be lobbying the refs even more and their job is hard enough as it is.

If not then what would the rule be ? Referee discretion? What hard and fast rules and guidelines are we talking about? If a person has his head down you can't hit him? If he can't see the hit you can't hit him ? You can't check with your shoulders ? What's to prevent people from looking down at the ice all the time then. It's a player's responsibility to keep his head up and know where people are, so that not only do they not get creamed unsuspectingly but also so there are less awkward collisions.

I don't condone intent to injury, but making that call is generally subjective. Campbell saw a great opportunity to level somebody, but did he intend to injure Umberger ? If the roles were reversed how comfortable would you feel saying that Umberger tried injuring Campbell and that he should be suspending or gotten a penalty for the hit.

And the bit about not calling hooking... well that is just stupid... if you want people to watch what people want to see in my general experience is a fast past, hard hitting game with maybe a few good scrums. Don't tell me you'd rather watch New Jersey take a 2-1 lead and then continue to snuff out everything you do but hooking, holding and grabbing your skilled skaters such as Gagne, Forsberg, Carter etc...

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