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Someone just posted this article about Klingberg in the Swedish prospect thread: Link

The Details ... two separate surgeries on both hips.

On May 15 he flew to the U.S. to be investigated by the NHL club Dallas Stars physician. There was an inquiry which revealed that he had suffered from burdening of both hip joints. It affected hip delayed movement and Klingberg decided in agreement with Dallas, he is contracted by, to operate on both hips to get rid of the problems.

On May 21 he was operated on the right hip and 13 June it was the surgery on the left.

- After the first surgery I stayed with Les Jackson, who is the club's player developers, the first few days after surgery and got help. It was lucky because I could barely walk. Then I moved back into the hotel and got help from my father who came over in ten days, says John, who threw the crutches two weeks following the first operation.

- After the second operation she is coming over and helping me, so it has gone smoothly right after all.
The Good ... his recovery is going well. The first reports said he may not play until November. Now Klingberg is hoping to only miss a few weeks of the SEL season.

Rehaben has gone better than expected. Now I aim to be back in a few weeks after the series started. It's a goal I have set for myself to have something to aim for. Then we'll see how it goes.
The Bad ... a wasted summer to get bigger and stonger.

Me and Stephen Thomson is fitness coach in Skellefteċ had been looking forward to this summer. I know what I need to work on, I need to get stronger and heavier. Now this did not happen and it's a little tough, but it's very nice to get these problems corrected, said John Klingberg.
The Ugly ... he admits Finland was tough on him because of the language barrier. Although he says the AHL won't be as tough because he can at least speak English, he admits he's gun shy about coming to NA. He already turned down a request from the Stars to make the jump this season.

Had I been able to rewind the tape and make a change, I had not moved to Finland, where I was quite alone. While I regret it because it gave me important experience. I got to feel what it feels like to go on a real hardship, and there will I be able to take with me in the future, says John Klingberg.

- It was fantastic when I came to Rome and quickly made many friends. It was important for me that is a social person.
They wanted to lend me last season and was also set to make it this year, but then repented and they wanted me to come over and play in the AHL. Now I said I wanted to play in Sweden this season because I feel that it may go well for both me and the team this season. Then I will not rush away. I might even stay next year, too, explains John Klingberg.
It was a little stressful with Jokerit time Dallas got back to me and asked if my development. It was a strange situation and I started feeling sorry for myself in Finland. I tried to take me by the collar, but it did not and when I moved home.

- They say it is a nightmare in the AHL, but it can not be worse than in Finland. In the AHL, they can at least speak English.

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