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Speed Skating

Originally Posted by Clownquestion View Post
Yeah, it's a long title!

I've been skating for about 4 years total - 3+ years speedskating, and now about 6 months of hockey.

I've never taken skating lessons, although I have gone to camp for speedskating lessons and I do go to instructional leagues for hockey 3X per week.

My stickhandling is progressing really well - I can pass pretty well, catch passes somewhat, and I can skate with the puck. I'm not great, but I can see the progress.

My shooting is still weak but getting better - my wrister is more and more accurate, and my slapshot as well. I was finally starting to get a bit more lift and power behind my shot when I pulled a muscle in my shoulder. It doesn't hurt any more, but I do notice the strength isn't there quite the same. Still, it's getting better.

My weak point (I feel) is my skating. I can get going pretty fast - but since I don't trust being able to stop on a dime, I always hold back a bit.

I don't trust my outside edges. That was always an issue with speedskating as well. Inside edges? No problem. But getting that outside edge and doing crossovers took me FOREVER to learn. And I never felt 100% that I could trust that edge. Even when I was doing my best speedskating (right before I had to stop due to pregnancy) I always had that mental block: will the edge hold me up? Or will I end up sliding out of control?

My coach has said a zillion times - trust your edges. They'll never let you down, they'll always be there, etc. And yet, I lack confidence in both myself AND my edges.

I've been told by about 4 different coaches that I skate much better than I think, but that I lack confidence in my skating. And it's totally true.

I'm ready to get better - I really want to be able to do forward crossovers in both directions, and I really want to be able to stop quickly. I've watched Youtube videos, and I've practiced a bit - but still can only kind of do a crossover going counter-clockwise, and not at all going the other way. I try to practice on the circles, just going around and doing a crossover every few strokes. I have to really focus when I do those and take a leap of faith that it's going to hold me up on that outside edge when I do that, and usually it ends up being stroke-stroke-crossover, never just continuous crossovers to get around the circle.

When I did speedskating, one thing that helped was using an upside-down bucket, under the left hand. You could lean on it to get into the low position, it helped with support, and as you started to trust the edges more eventually you didn't put much weight on it at all - and finally, the bucket could be removed. That really got me to be able to function on the feeling and position and forget the fear of losing the edge.

Are there drills I can do that will help me with this? Any tricks to getting that confidence in my edges? Or is it just a matter of going out there, skating circles until I get dizzy, and planning to fall a ton of times?
What type of speed skating?

Are right turns a problem?

Is balance a problem since hockey requires a more upright position which changes weight distribution?

Skating backwards must be a problem since speed skating of any type does not require skating backwards?

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