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08-02-2012, 11:10 AM
Not so fast,
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Short track.

I can turn right when skating, but not doing a crossover - just the usual put your skate a bit out in front and lean into it. It's definitely my weaker side, though.

Balance is fine, I hardly ever fall - but I think that's not a good thing, because it means I'm not really pushing myself to see exactly where that boundary is between control and too far.

One issue I have is ankles that collapse a bit inwards. That was an issue on speedskates too - my feet just tend to go that way. Standing still, I can get both outside edges by exaggerating a bit of a bow-legged stance, but not while moving. It was easily fixed on the speedskates - I moved my blade just a little more towards the inside of my foot and that was enough to give me more control of my edges.

Backwards was a problem at first. I can skate backwards now, not too fast, nothing fancy - but I've got the C-cut thing down just fine. I'll admit, the first time we did a circle drill going backwards - I barely moved. We were supposed to keep inside foot on ice while using outside foot to do c-cuts around the circle. I went nowhere. Now I can do that without problem, and I can certainly go straight backwards.

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