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Originally Posted by piqued View Post
How certain are you that you're getting an accurate translation?
The Google translations are usually solid, but you're right there could be something lost. I thought it was a legitimate concern before reading the article, and it was just a coincidence after mentioning that that I noticed the article in the Swedish thread.

Several sources though other than this article mentioned the home sickness in Finland being an issue. This article seems to go a step further and blame it on his inability to communicate. However, I guess I just don't understand his argument that the AHL will be easier because people speak English. I know neither Sweden or Finland is a country where 100% of the population is bi-lingual and fluent in English, but we know that each country boasts a large number of English speaking citizens. I just find it a bit hard to believe he was totally isolated with no English speaking teammates or support staff.

Maybe that's an incorrect assumption, but it it seems reasonable to me that you could go most places and find someone that speaks English in Finland. Therefore, I tend to think his issues had more to being lonely and home sick as originally reported.

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