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Originally Posted by Clownquestion View Post
Would you say it's better to practice this at stick & puck, or public session?

I find that public session I focus on my skating more just because I have no stick or puck to distract me. But I also think that the balance etc. is quite different when skating with a stick, so I do want to be able to skate well with the stick!

A couple of months ago I was messing around at public session (wearing full gear, and the ice was pretty much empty) and I decided to do a few laps short-track style. I was able to get going at a nice clip so that one of my teammates remarked that I was amazingly fast - but why so much slower with the stick? I told her all of those things - stick, puck, changing directions, stopping suddenly, people getting in the way - slowed me down, so I really need to be fast in THOSE situations, not just on an empty rink!

I will be doing public session on Saturday, as well as instructional league Friday and Sunday, followed by a couple of games. I think I will work a lot on the crossovers this weekend and maybe that will help my confidence.

Also - I've noticed that when I go right over left, no problem. But when I try to bring my left leg over my right, it almost feels as if there's too much padding there, and it keeps me from bringing the leg over? I don't feel that the other direction. It feels almost like I'm wearing a big puffy snowsuit, and the thickness of the pants/padding/shinguards gets in the way of lifting that leg over the other. I think part of it is I may need to bend my knees more.
No expert skater here, but a couple of things to mention.

[1] I have a friend who is quite a speedy skater and can zip around at public skating sessions. Move to hockey, he can speed around equally as well, but once he gets the puck........SLOW..... I mean unbearably SLOW, doesn't skate and panics with the puck/stickhandling. Team-mates always laugh at him, but he hasn't devoted more time in trying to get over that by practising more with a puck. Stick & puck sessions with short bursts like game situations would be least that is how I practise when I can.

[2] Crossovers left - I learned to crossover to the right just like you but had extreme difficulty with left crossovers. I can only offer my unprofessional experience, but I took it really slow in trying to "feel" (balance, weight shift, where my skates were, how much knee bend) and make mental notes of how I was doing crossovers going right. I then tried to apply the same to the left. Slowly but surely, at least for me, I am actually better on my left crossovers now.

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