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08-02-2012, 01:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Inferno View Post
Millers cap hit: 6.25 signed in 09/10
Prices cap hit: 6.5 signed for this year
Quick: 5.8 signed for next year
Bryzgalov: 5.7 signed for this past year
Rinne: 7 mil, starting next year
Luongo: 6.75 starting in 06-07
Fleury: 5 starting in 08-09

Henrik: 6.875 starting in 08-09

Henrik was quite overpaid, or at the very least, on the high end of what you would be willign to pay even the most elite of goalies back then. even now, the highest paid goalies are making roughly what he was making 4 years ago

the cap in 08-09 was 56.7 of this minute its about 14 mil more now.
I am not saying Hank was not overpaid (which is 100% arguable considering he is the best goalie in the world and has literally carried this team for years), but goalies are not making small salaries anymore. I remember right after the lockout there were not many goalies making a ton of money. That seems to have changed.

You can add Ward in there as well. He is paid well.

Backstrom is as well in Minny.

Brodeur @ 40+ makes 4+

Kipprusoff makes close to 6

Hiller makes 4.5

Goalies are getting paid more. I don't have the data to analyze but it sure seems like the average starting goalie is making A LOT more than they were right after the lockout. I could be wrong but it seems to be a trend back to putting a major emphasis back on goaltending after offense was stressed post-lockout.

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