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08-02-2012, 03:45 PM
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Originally Posted by BowieSabresFan View Post
It's also a fact Jame. The Sabres had a lot of injuries last year. You can't ignore that fact just because it's inconvenient to you. Well, you can I suppose, but it doesn't add a lot of credibility to your opinion.
Definitely doesn't help that the bulk of the injuries were all at the same time too. We went about a month regularly dressing 8-9 AHL players. Name one team in the league with enough depth to succeed without their starting goalie, top 2 defenders, and 5-6 other regulars. (I don't think there are any.)
To say injuries are just an "excuse" basically amounts to saying the team should win no matter the quality of the players playing for it. Which, to be clear, is ****ing absurd.

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