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Originally Posted by BigG44 View Post
The link below indicates Radek Faksa will not attend games in Sweden or Russia over the next two weeks for the U20 Czech team.

Link Here

Instead of using the translation from Google Translate which is a bit choppy, I figured it be easier to just try and summarize it:

Radek Faksa upon advisement from the Dallas Stars decided to skip the Czech U20 games against Sweden and several Russian teams over the next 2 weeks.

The head coach for the U20 is claiming Radek Faksa made no effort to contact the team and inform them of the decision or offer an apology for his absence.

Faksa's Czech agent claims the player had little say in the decision. Instead, because of his busy summer at Dallas' prospect camp and his coming camp in Kitchener, the Stars along with the Czech and North American agent for Faksa ultimately made the decision the player would be overworked attending another summer camp. The agent does seem to indicate that Faksa, since he's under contract with Dallas, is just following the wishes of the team.

At this point, the U20 coach is saying they are not making a rash decision to expel Faksa from the WJC squad, but the tone of the article seems to indicate they are far from pleased with him.

Good thing Dallas signed Jagr because that thread led me to some Czech posters. I passed the link on to them along with my summary in hopes they could take a moment to make sure I got the correct information from Google Translate. If something didn't translate correctly I'll let you know.
I'd like to thank kudymen who was able to get back to me and confirm this was correct.

kudymen added something I saw in the Google translation that I wasn't sure if it translated properly. The primary reason Faksa isn't attending wasn't just for rest, it seems that the Dallas Stars have something planned for him that interferes with the camp. The Google translate and kudymen both said, "Faksa has been told by the Stars that he should undergo some tests." I left that out originally because I thought people would feel it was something medical which I don't think is the intention.

kudymen also added this isn't an uncommon reaction for the coach who often blows these things out of proportion:

Originally Posted by kudymen
I'd also add my personal opinion on that: the whole article is based only on what coach Prerost said. I personally take most of what he says with a grain of salt because he often reacts very passionately. E.g. when Jaskin decided to go from Czech league to CHL (about a month ago), Prerost was furious and quoted speaking about "how he has to think about Jaskin's role in the U20 team again" (although not even Jaskin's head coach at Slavia Praha, Vlad Ruzicka, had no major problems with that) and in this article he claims that Jaskin, as opposed to Faksa and Hyka, had no problem coming to the U20 games which is what he likes about the player. Prerost definitely doesn't seem to be pleased with Faksa's approach (since he "didn't call"), but I have seen indications from other members of U20 staff to be furious or anything about this decision

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