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08-02-2012, 03:42 PM
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Originally Posted by sting13 View Post
1. Yes you don't have to have 23 players but the Jets did all year.
2. We have to sign someone extra because we only have 6 D right now listed on the
cap. If you add Meech and Redmond another 1.5 million.
3. If Scheifele takes Cormier's place add another 750,000
4. Burmi will be do a raise as well.

We might not go over the cap depending what it is and you have to remember that
they are looking to make the contracts count fully each year not defering over
the life of the contract.

If you add the new Wheeler, Little and Bogo numbers with extra for Enstrom and Kane
you add $14 million to the 50.9 we have already plus add two more D and you sit
around 66-68 million depending on the Hainsey and Antro and Burmi contracts.

True North said we would not be a top of the cap team, more bottom third.
So I doubt this is doable.
1. Any extra players will likely be at a low cost. Typically under $1 mil.
2. It's actually 7 D. Capgeek has Postma sitting in the minors and with his new one-way contract and the fact he is waiver eligible, he'll either be on the Jets or on another NHL team. His cap hit is $550,000. Edit: Just checked again and they moved Postma up today. Plus once Kane and Machacek sign that gets you to 23.
3. Correct and still a likely possibility.
4. Unless Burmi blows everyone away this year (or the CBA changes contract length rules) I see them only giving him one of those bridge contracts of about 2 years for 2-3 mil. Not a substantial increase from what he's already making.

As for Hainsey and Antropov. Resigning or replacing them shouldn't be too expensive. An Antropov replacement will easily come under 3 mil. Likely more in the area of what Ponikarovsky got. A Hainsey replacement would be under 4 mil. Unless we manage to sign a very significant FA for the top 4.

I agree that the spending will go up, but I don't see it being overly substantial. Hainsey's and Antropov's money can essentially cover the raises for Wheeler, Bogosian, and Little. While as I stated the replacements won't have a substantial price.

Not to mention they've done some savvy signings, like Jokinen, whose two-year deal is pretty perfect for the club.

I just don't really foresee any monetary issues.

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