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08-02-2012, 04:34 PM
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It should be interesting season. I`ll be looking forward to it.

I`am saying that, because i saw that most people hopes are not so high (we lost Mikelis and Sprukts, for 99% we will lose Ozo too) and a lot of fans think wee would replace them with some average AHL guys, like we always do, but this season, i think it is a little bit different and i put a big hope for these guys.

Giroux, top3 AHL player for 2 seasons two straight 50+ goal seasons!! That is not some Lundmark guy ( no offence ) to me.

Schremp, not so great stats, but i searched a little bit info about him, and it sad, that guy had great potential but coz hes weak defensive play could`ant find a way in to NHL.

Other guys are solid too. Carle seems a very good OD to me, those skills we despretly need as ozo replecment. Coz as we all know, our D guys are awful at offence.

Johnson, to me is one of those "AHL avarege guys" but still, with appropriate work ethic he can be a solid help for us.

Telly, again, lots of hate from the fans. IMO, much better then HOLT, more stable the most important thing.

So in my opinion team is definetlly not worse then previous one, but mby even better.

And sorry for my bad english guys. First time writing such a big post here.

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