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Originally Posted by Molseed View Post
Yep, they'll be ten months on Saturday. Boy and a girl. No previous kids so we don't have anything to compare it to. So for us this madness is "normal". Every bit of advice we've gotten from parents of twins tells us we get through the first year we'll have it made. Almost there. They started sleeping more through the night lately so that will make a world of difference when that becomes the norm.

They also already have a built-in playmate with each other, which helps a ton. Of course, they are already laughing and talking in gibberish to each other, already conspiring against us. But for now, Guinness is my friend.
Twins or not, no advice I recieved from friends and family could prepare me for actually having children of my own. You just need to live threw it and make up **** as you go along.

For me, when my daughters began walking, talking, and feeding on their own things got a lot less stressful. And the benefits have started to come my way. Being able to sit in my recliner while watching the Skins, Caps, or Nats and ask my 5 year old to get me a beverage out of the fridge so I don't have to get up is very nice. Now if my 3 year old would embrace using the potty I will be sitting pretty until the teenage years kick in.

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