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08-02-2012, 06:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Spice Trader View Post
So foolish.

JT is not going to make a team a contender on his own. He is a premire top line talent that could develop into a superstar. Sounds like Rick Nash to me...

Before you bash the sedins about what they have achieved.. multiple art ross and a heart aswell as back to back president trophies and a games 7 in the scf.. AND produced 3 years straight of ppg or better.

JT should make the playoffs.. or be a ppg player back to back years before he is in that conversation.

Yes he is the face of the franchise.. No i wouldnt trade him as an islander fan (if i was one) Yes i feel he will be a 80 - 90 point guy. Before you say he will be a 100 point guy look @ the stats of those super stars you listed and how many of them have hit 100 points once let alone multiple times..

As a vancouver fan i wouldnt touch this deal with a 10 foot pole. We ARE a contender we dont NEED to rebuild the core for one great talent. Van is model franchise currently. NYI would be lucky to have such a deep core of friendly contracts.
No disagreement about Vancouver's current status, but if there's only thing Snow excels at, it's low cost contracts for good, solid talent - the reason the Isles are considered to be a low-end franchise is because of the combination of Milbury's horrid trades and Wang's 'absentee landlord' ownership ever since DiPietro became a sack of injuries, Yashin becided to stop caring (partially because of wrist injuries) and the lack of a development deal - which seems to have been Wang primary motive all along, in hindsight.

As far as friendly contracts go, there are few friendlier contracts than Tavares and MacDonald. The NYI have a solid top-4 D-man at $550.000 and a near-and-soon-to-be-elite-barring-intervention-from-Satan-himself center locked up at $5.5M until July of 2019 - two contracts that I'd call VERY worth mentioning in a 'best contacts in the NHL' type thread.

So, to summarize; the Isles actually *are* lucky some ways and unlucky others. Snow's been serviceable at keeping the team budgeted, if only to negate the damage done by Wang being the 'evil mastermind' behind the brokerage of the DiPietro deal and Milbury cannnibalizing the farm system every other week and putting the team on the hook for Yashin as long as they've been. Once more draft picks make their way onto the big club, I stand solidly behind the opinion that many people will still be in mid-guffaw when they notice the Islanders have more than enough raw talent to keep any other team in the NHL busy.

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